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Arts and Economic Prosperity V


What is Arts and Economic Prosperity 5?

Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 is a national research study to measure the economic impact of nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences. The study is being conducted by Americans for the Arts, the leading nonprofit arts organization for advancing the arts in the United States. The Wisconsin Arts Board is one of nearly 300 study partners across the U.S. that will facilitate gathering detailed financial and event attendance data from nonprofit arts and cultural organizations during 2016.

What is the Audience Survey?

The Audience Survey is a one-page questionnaire for participants at arts and cultural programs. The survey asks demographic questions to help measure what people spend in a community on the day they are experiencing the arts activity.

What is the Organization Survey?

The Organization Survey is an online survey of the fiscal year 2015 budget of nonprofit arts, humanities and cultural organizations. The survey link will be sent by email in June.

Who is eligible to be surveyed?

  • Audience: Any adult attending an arts, humanities or cultural program or event sponsored by a public or nonprofit group may complete an Audience Survey.
  • Organization: Any nonprofit or public sector arts, humanities or cultural organization. The Urban Institute's National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) codes 'A' are the primary survey group. Other community organizations conducting cultural programs may also complete the survey for the part of their budget that relates to their cultural activity.

What is an 'event'?

An 'event' is any program, exhibit, gathering, display, activity, presentation, workshop, performance, festival, installation or other arts, humanities or cultural occasion open to the public. The 'event' can be free or it can charge admission. The 'event' can be ongoing or it can be one-time. The 'event' can be a museum or gallery or historic site venue on any day. The same 'event' or venue should distribute surveys only once each quarter and should collect at least 10 but no more than 50 surveys each time.

How are Audience Surveys collected?

Please read the Interview Instructions. Briefly:

  • Collect surveys at least once each quarter during 2016.
  • Greet people as they come to your program or event.
  • Ask every 5th person (to get a diverse response) if they would complete a survey.
  • Only survey one member of a group or family.
  • Only survey adults 18 years of age or older.
  • Provide one survey to each selected person and stand nearby while they complete it.
  • Collect the completed survey and thank the person.
  • For large performances, you may place survey forms with pens randomly on scattered seats and make an announcement explaining the survey and encouraging audience members to complete the survey. You can then collect completed surveys at the exit door.
  • Ask people to complete surveys as they arrive or during intermission.

Where do I send collected Audience Surveys?

Send the completed surveys with a batch cover sheet to the Wisconsin Arts Board or to your local study partner if you are in one of the six communities with local study partners.

What is a local study partner?

A local study partner is a community organization contracting with Americans for the Arts to obtain a customized analysis for their county. The local study partner paid a research fee to Americans for the Arts and is responsible for collecting audience surveys for their study region.

How will this study help my organization?

Each of the six local partners in Wisconsin will receive a customized analysis of the economic impact of the arts and culture in their geographic area. The Arts and Economic Prosperity Calculator available from Americans for the Arts will have more reliable results based on the data collected. The Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 provides documentation of the return on investment for funds directed to nonprofit arts and culture organizations.

The results will quantify the economic impact of the arts and culture industry in the State of Wisconsin, thereby giving you a powerful tool to help describe the value of your work and strengthen your local fundraising efforts.

How does this study calculate economic impact?

The study creates a customized input/output model to measure expenditures by nonprofit organizations and their audiences. The analysis traces how many times a dollar is re-spent within the local economy.

When will the study report be available?

Americans for the Arts will release the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 report in June, 2017.




Updated:  Friday, February 26, 2016