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Percent for Art: Wisconsin Opportunities

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Please note: Wisconsin's Percent for Art Program was repealed by the Governor and Wisconsin State Legislature on July 1, 2011.  We are proud of the artwork that has been acquired through this program over the past 31 years, and thank the artists and agencies with whom we have had the pleasure to work.  The materials and links in this section are for informational purposes only.

Applications for all Percent for Art opportunities used an online application.  The links in the text below were used to access the appropriate application.   


NOTE: Please review the following files before applying for any Percent for Art commission:

Current Projects:

  • There are no current projects at this time. 

 Recent, but CLOSED opportunities for reference only:

Mentorship Program

The Wisconsin Arts Board's Percent for Art Program is currently not accepting applications for the Mentorship Program. 

Architecturally Integrated

When there were Architecturally Integrated Project openings, experienced Midwest artists were invited to apply for listing in a pre-screened roster. Currently, there are no openings.

Direct Purchase

The Wisconsin Arts Board’s Percent for Art Program is currently not accepting applications for the Direct Purchase Program. 



Updated:  Monday, October 01, 2012