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Call for Wisconsin Visual Artists – 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional

Since August 1992, the WI Department of Administration (DOA), in cooperation with the Wisconsin Arts Board, has been providing an opportunity for Wisconsin artists to showcase their work in the DOA/WI Arts Board Lobby Exhibit Space. Located at 101 E. Wilson Street in Madison, 110’ linear feet of wall space and 100 sq. ft. of cabinet space has been specifically designed to showcase Wisconsin artists’ work to individuals doing business with Wisconsin Arts Board and other State agencies. Over 700 people pass through this space each day.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be full-time residents of Wisconsin. To apply, artists should include:

  • Ten images (see specifications below)
  • Resume/CV and
  • Short (150-200 words) exhibition proposal/statement
  • Current contact information (email, phone, address)

Available Dates for 2011

Deadline to apply is November 19, 2010. In most cases, two artists from both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional disciplines will exhibit jointly as selected by Wisconsin Arts Board. You may request a joint exhibit with another specific artist provided you submit an application stating such. We will also consider group exhibits from arts cooperatives or professional organizations.

Artists’ work will be installed for 8 weeks beginning on a Monday and dismantled on a Friday.  In certain circumstances, arrangements can be made for a weekend installation. Scheduled dates for 2011 are as follows:

  • Monday, January 3 through Friday, February 25
  • Monday, February 28 through Friday, April 22
  • Monday, April 25 through Friday, June 17
  • Monday, June 20 through Friday, August 12
  • Monday, August 15 through October 7
  • Monday, October 10 through Friday, December 2

Please email all materials to: artsboard@wisconsin.gov. Application materials must be received by Friday, November 19, 2010.  Acceptance notice will be given via email no later than November 30th, 2010.

Work Sample Specifications

Each digital work sample will be submitted in the following format:

  • High quality JPEG saved in PC file format (use quality setting of 90% or better).
  • Images must be in proper orientation for viewing (upright on monitor).
  • Image size should be no larger than 768 pixels along the longest dimension.
  • Although images smaller than 768 can be submitted, going much smaller than 600 pixels will reduce the impact of your images.

Naming Files:

File name should be in the following format: number_artist name_title.jpg

Numbers should be two digits with a leading zero if under 10. This will allow for easy ordering and review of the images.

01_sally smith_birds in flight.jpg
02_sally smith_self portrait.jpg

To maintain quality, all editing should be done in full resolution and files should be saved using a loss-less format like TIFF or PSD. Only after editing is completed should you resize and save a copy to the JPEG format.

For More Information

Please direct questions to: Jeri Krohn, WI Arts Board, 101 E. Wilson Street, First Floor, Madison, WI 53702; Phone: 608/266-0190; Email: jeri.krohn@wisconsin.gov.