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WTLC Cultural Tour for Teachers in North Central Wisconsin: Deadline May 5


Please share with teachers and curriculum coordinators in your district . . .

Ready for four days exploring rich cultural environments in your region? Immersive experiences, fieldwork with creative colleagues, learning about models for investigating local communities with your students, time for analysis and refection, and great meals!

Cultural Tour of North Central Wisconsin
When: June 21-24, 2016
Where: Approximately 26 sites in 14 north-central Wisconsin communities
Cost: $200 includes food, lodging, and transportation Application Deadline: May 5 (form at http://csumc.wisc.edu/wtlc/?q=tours)

Educators will get backstage, in-depth access to distinctive people and places - at community centers and events, factories, farms, restaurants, other businesses, preservation and interpretation projects led by community volunteers, and other sites where local people work, play, worship, study, and create. This four-day cultural tour will sample a variety of communities (Eau Claire, smaller cities, villages, rural areas), skills (photography, interviewing), and themes (foodways, occupations, local arts, ethnic groups, changing cultural landscapes).

For example, small teams will use a free, simple, mobile app to investigate and document nuances of culture in an older neighborhood in Eau Claire - a tool that teachers can easily modify to structure field trips with their own students. Another day participants will visit Somali mosques and shops in Barron, talk with community leaders, sample traditional foods, and observe traditional cultural practices.

Since 2006, Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture has created tours, gatherings, workshops, and media. Our purpose is to support teacher-initiated classroom projects based on local communities.

Teachers may receive 2 graduate credits from UW-LaCrosse for $220. Check out the WTLC website (http://csumc.wisc.edu/wtlc/?q=tours) for more details.

Sponsors: Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture; Chippewa Valley Museum; Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures; Field Day Lab; and Wisconsin Arts Board.