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2013 Midwest Folklife Festival hosted by Michigan Aug. 9 - 11

The 2013 Midwest Folklife Festival is being hosted this year by the partner state of Michigan, incorporated into the annual Great Lakes Folk Festival.  This unique fusion of art fair, music festival, county fair, multi-ethnic festival, hands-on activity workshops and celebration of cultural heritage will be held Aug 9-11, 2013 in downtown East Lansing.

Artists from all the great lakes states and provinces will be a part of the festival.  The two Wisconsin artists representing the Badger State this year are:
  Mai Zong Vue, a traditional Hmong singer from Madison. She will perform on Friday and Saturday.
 Nancy Schmidt, a rosemaler from Waukesha, who will demonstrate and display her painted woodenware on Saturday and Sunday. 

The Great Lakes Folk Festival showcases the traditional cultural treasures of the nation's Upper Midwest and a sampling of the best of traditional artists from around the country and the world.  The festival encourages cross-cultural understanding of our diverse society through the presentation of musicians, dancers, cooks, storytellers and craftspeople whose traditions are rooted in their communities.  The state folk arts programs of the Great Lakes region that are participating in the Midwest Folklife Festival are Wisconsin Arts Board, Minnesota State Arts Board, Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and Illinois Arts Council.

Visit the website for full details on the Great Lakes Folk Festival.